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Are you a fan of scented candles that create a wonderful atmosphere by lighting them? Or maybe you prefer the natural smells of dried herbs, wood by the fireplace or just the smells floating in the living room from the kitchen?

The living room is part of our house. An important place to rest and relax while watching your favorite movie on Netflix. In most new houses, it is a place with a kitchen and dining room. It is usually part of the open space of the kitchen. We like to cook by talking to our loved ones. Apparently, the best conversation is in this part of the apartment.

The scents of a cooked Sunday dinner are better than the scented candles. However, not when we burn the potatoes. But we will avoid this. Favorite cake in the oven for afternoon coffee is also a fragrance that creates itself.

On a daily basis, however, we can take advantage of the opportunities offered by candles. We focus on naturalness, so we offer you soy candles, which you can buy in stores with home decorations.

We encourage you to make your candle. It is not difficult, and you will surely know the composition of such a stylish accessory for your interior.

Such a candle can have different scents, for example, grapefruit with lemon. Fresh, citrus scent combined with lemon, which has a calming effect.

There are a lot of ideas, the limitations are only in our head. It can be a single or a multi scented candle. However, it is best to combine two selected fragrances.

To make a soybean candle you will need:

  • soy wax – you can order it online, just enter the soy wax in Google,
  • essential oil – do similar to soy wax, google and search,
  • wick – can be wooden or cotton – you can easily find it in a store where you can buy wax,
  • glass vessel / pot / bowl,
  • a glass vessel, a mug, a jam jar or a boar pate in a jar,
  • wooden stick – or chopsticks from the last sushi dinner.

Once you find the above ingredients, you can start creating your candle. You have a jar in which there will be a candle – the one after the strawberry jam, as it is still with the label, that’s very good – you can easily determine its capacity (ml), but if it is not there, don’t worry, just measure the capacity by pouring water into a jar and then into a vessel that you know is 200 ml. A simple bottle for filtered water has such a measure of milliliters. The volume of the container in milliliters must be multiplied by a factor of 0.77. The result is Soy Wax in grams. Now you know how much you need to buy for one jar after jam, or if you buy more of it (because it is more profitable), then you will measure yourself the right weight.

However, if you do not want to play with mathematics, it is enough to fill the jar with the purchased wax twice and pour it into another vessel.

Now it is enough to melt the wax, for example, in a water bath or in a microwave for 3 minutes.

Now wait 10 minutes and add the essential oil. For example, 200 ml of wax you should have 15 ml of oil, respectively. Mix everything with a wooden stick or spoon for approx. 2 minutes.

It is the turn of the wick, it can be wooden – very fashionable for soy candles, or traditional cotton. Dip the end of the wick in the wax and place it on the bottom of the selected jar so that it protrudes above the wax, attach the upper part to the sushi sticks, or hold it with a laundry clip.

You can pour the wax into the jar now, the wax must not be too hot, if you have a thermometer at home, you can measure its temperature, it should be approx. 55 degrees.

And that was it. Congratulations, you just made your homemade soy candle.

Leave the jar to cool down, the candle will be ready in 24 hours.

The next day is the joy of the magical atmosphere in the apartment. You can put it in the living room on the dresser. Ideally suited to the bathroom during the evening bath. The bedroom is also a good place to relax while enjoying beautiful fragrances. In addition, the burning flame calms down. Natural lemon balm or citrus aromas will suit any circumstances.

If you create more handmade candles, you can place them around the apartment, on a chest of drawers, on a TV cabinet or on a small display case.

It will also be a great idea to use candles as gifts for your loved ones or as a birthday gift for your best friend.

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