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Welcome to the jungle, or how to arrange an apartment in the urban jungle style.

There is nothing to argue about – nature has been a steadily hot trend in recent years. Many people are fed up with minimalist, gray and white rooms. Some people want to let their imagination run wild and make their interiors take on life and colours. The perfect answer to this need is the urban jungle style. What is it about? What elements are characteristic of it? And most importantly: what to do to transform our apartment into a small urban jungle? Read on and you will find out!

What is urban jungle?

In its assumptions, plants take over modern, often industrial interiors. A lot of greenery and patterns taken from nature – this is a simple recipe for urban jungle in your home. You must remember, however, that in this case rather exotic specimens under the term “plants” – forget about the orchids and violets that you know well from your grandma’s window sills. Your interior must have a claw!


Urban jungle – what plants to choose?

As already mentioned – it should be slightly wild effect. The most popular choice will certainly be monstera flower. You can go into a kind of classic and choose Monstera Deliciosa, which will delight you with its huge, holey leaves, but it is also worth remembering about smaller species, such as Monstera Adansonii also called Monkey Mask or Monstera “Minima”. Each of them will be perfect for interiors designed in the urban jungle style.

The same is true of other philodendrons. All kinds of palm trees and ferns should also be worth your attention. If you are looking for something smaller, small succulents, cacti or, for example, various species of peperomia can be a good choice – from the quite popular “money” to other, less known, but equally interesting species.

When choosing plants, remember to choose them according to the conditions in the room where you intend to place them. Some of the flowers are suitable for a damp bathroom without a window, and different for a large sunny living room. When investing in flowers, it is worth choosing wisely – after all, you want plants to stay with you for a long time and delight both you and everyone who will enter your urban jungle.

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