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Did you know that the oldest mirrors found are around 6,000 years old? As we can see, their history is very long. Initially, it was not widely known and used. They were to have only a practical function. Over time, they gained popularity and better quality. Nowadays, the function of controlling one’s appearance is no longer the most important.


Mirrors are now primarily a great way to complete an interior arrangement. They make the space optically enlarge and the light envelops the entire room. There are many ways to use it. Here are a few of them:


  • Hanging several mirrors next to each other – it is a great way to decorate your living room or bedroom.
  • Mirror wall – the perfect solution for smaller rooms. Optically enlarges the space.
  • Doors – a modern, minimalist design will be emphasized by an invisible door with a mirror.
  • Mirrored frames – a creative solution that blends beautifully with a glamor style décor.
  • Mirrored furniture – Wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables or consoles covered entirely or in part with a mirror enjoy unflagging popularity
  • Fancy shapes – a huge selection of shapes and even colours means that we can have a small work of art on our wall.
  • Frames – a mirror with or without a frame? It depends on the style which you want to decorate your room. The right frame can complete the space. Boho style lovers can choose one made of natural wood. Minimalists, in turn, will probably completely abandon it.
  • Lighting – a great solution for the bathroom will be a light source placed behind the mirror or directly on it.

In further exploration of that material, we are only limited by our imagination. Mirrors offer many possibilities. They can be the central part of the decor or they can be just a delicate accent. It is worth remembering that the mirrors placed vertically optically lengthen the interior and make it wider horizontally.

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