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Fashionable home in 2022 –


Are you looking for inspiration how to arrange your apartment? We think you’ve come to the right address. We have collected for you the trends that will win our hearts in 2022.

Are you looking for inspiration how to arrange your apartment? We think you’ve come to the right address. We have collected for you the trends that will win our hearts in 2022. And since this year has already started up, there is nothing to wait for – it’s time to start furnishing and decorating! What should you pay special attention to? We have prepared a list of 3 fashionable solutions this year.

1. Back to the past – vintage still on top

This is not a novelty – after all, vintage has been reigning in living rooms or several seasons. Everything indicates that we will not get rid of it in 2022. Are we sorry for that? No way!

Old furniture has the power to give our interiors a unique character. When cleverly used, they can give a very unusual effect. Remember that vintage doesn’t have to be boring! In 2022, unusual combinations will be particularly desirable: a retro chest of drawers with legs narrowing downwards, broken with very modern accessories, or a vintage coffee table with a loft sofa – doesn’t that sound interesting? Such bold combinations will be one of the hottest trends of the year.

How else can you make your vintage space not boring? It’s a good idea to use old furniture in … a rather non-obvious way. How about a flowerbed of a retro sewing machine? Or maybe you will use old trunks as bedside tables? There are many possibilities – here you are only limited by your imagination.

2. Light, green and purple – a few words about the most fashionable colours of this season

Dear readers, get ready for the fight of the season! In the right corner, juicy green awaits us, which delighted us already last season and, from what can be observed on the interior design market, it does not intend to easily give the title of the hottest colour of the year … but in the left corner a strong player – violet is already preparing for the match. What will be the result of this fight? Hard to say. We are betting on a draw because both players have many strengths.

Green enchanted us in 2021 and it will not be easy to chase it away from our hearts. What shades are the best this season? Well, you have a lot of freedom in this matter. Both intense bottle green and delicate pistachio or sage used well can give your interior a unique and very fashionable character. Emerald couch or olive vases? This is something definitely worth thinking about this season.

Violet, on the other hand, is something new – it has not been in our homes for a long time. Its return is a breath of freshness and certainly not one interior designer will be tempted by subtly lavender or intensely plum accessories in the arranged rooms.

However, remember that both greens and purples should be taken into account by you mainly when choosing accessories and furniture. When looking for an idea for fashionable colours of walls and floors, it is best to choose a classic – in 2022 the most proven and stylish solution will be walls covered with white. You can choose both the classically snow-white one and its slightly warmer, slightly broken variants. What about the floors? Rumor has it that a herringbone pattern made of light wood is worth considering. While we don’t like gossiping, we decided to pass this rumor on to you because it sounds like a pretty good plan. Light walls and floors can be a great base for green or purple furniture and accessories.

3.Bamboo? We take it!

Furniture and accessories that remind us of nature will once again prove to be a hot solution. This year, it is worth paying special attention to everything made of … bamboo. Fashion for this natural, extremely durable material comes back to us from time to time like a boomerang. In 2022, when looking for fashionable solutions, the use of bamboo accessories and furniture should be considered. How about armchairs with bamboo armrests? Or maybe you will be tempted by a lamp made of this wood? No matter what you decide on – we guarantee that properly selected bamboo elements can be a bull’s eye!

This is just a substitute for the trends that will take over us in 2022, but we hope that due to our suggestions you will know where to start looking for inspiration. Will you be tempted by the solutions we propose?

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